Euronda Kit Monoart® 5 Products

Kit Monoart 5 Products includes:

- 100 x Monoart Towels

- 100 x Monoart Plastic Cups

- 100 x Monoart Saliva Ejector EM15

- 100 x Monoart Face Mask Protection 3

- 80 x Monoart PG30 Aprons

* All Product Made in Italy

Out of stock
MYR 180.00

Kit Monoart® 5

Monoart 5 Product Kits offer products for the protection of dentists, assistants and patients. The best quality of employed materials gives a touch of style and joy for your dental practice thanks to its wide color palette.


Full kit for 100 patients.


Unmistakeable Euronda.


Give a fresh feel to your dental surgery with Monoart® colours.


Take care of yourselves, and of your patients with the certified protection of Euronda products. 

Features and Benefits:

- All products in one box

- Give a fresh feel to your practice

- Convenient

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