NSK Contra Angles Ti-Max Z24L

Made in Japan

Z24L: 1:1 Direct Drive

Single Spray

Miniature Head

- Titanium Body with Scratch Resistant DURAGRIP

- Cellular Glass Optics

- Clean Head System

- Push Button Chuck

- Microfilter 

*For CA burs (ø2.35)

*Max Speed : 40,000 min-1 

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The Smallest Head 

The head is angled 2° more than X95L for much better visibility and accesibility even for molars and other areas that are difficult to treat.

Amazingly Silent Operation

Amazing silence and minimal vibration: The marriage of micro-precision parts and gears has lowered noise and vibration even more to provide comfort for clinicians and patients alike.

The Slimmest Neck

The slimmer neck provides much better visibility compared to existing products, delivering wide visibility of all treatment areas.


Microfilter works to prevent particles from entering the water sprat system in order to guarantee optimum wateer spray cooling at all times.

Made in Japan

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