About Us   

AR Dental Supplies Sdn. Bhd. is one of the leading distributors in dental materials and equipments for dental surgeries and dental laboratories in Malaysia. The company has all the facilities and services needed in the dental industry to provide the best services to the customers. The company also has the capability in handling dental unit and dental material, machinery and equipment for dental clinics. AR Dental Supplies Sdn. Bhd. is gradually progressing and excelling in the dental industry since its inception in 1997. The company is able to improve tremendously due to the strength of teamwork and commitments by the staff and its management. The management of the company is striving to provide the best experience to the doctors and customers regarding dental supplies.

AR Dental Supplies Sdn. Bhd. is home to myriads of well-known brands such as Anthos, Myray, Euronda, Ivoclar Vivadent, Amann Girrbach, Atlas Copco, Yamahachi and NSK Japan. All of those brands are very keen on product’s quality and customer’s satisfaction. Thus, AR Dental can assure the customers that only the best quality items will be provided. AR Dental Supplies Sdn Bhd has supplies from European manufacturers such as Euronda and Anthos which are renowned for their quality and value. The technicians in the company can provide instalment and maintenance works for the customers because our technicians are equipped with knowledge regarding the products. Moreover, AR Dental is very concerned and alert with the after sales services to ensure the customers will get the value added.



Number of Dentists in Malaysia

Referring to the population in Malaysia of 32.38 million people (Department of Statistics, 2019), Malaysia have around 9177 certified dentists in both the private and government sectors. According to the Malaysian Dental Council Annual Report in 2018, around 60% to 65% of dentists in Malaysia are working in public sector (MDC, 2018). This is because graduated dentists are required to serve 3 years complete in government service. This is to provide a platform for the graduated dentist to learn hands-on practices with the patients. Malaysia is divided geographically by the West Coast Area, East Coast Area and East Malaysia. Alas, the dentists will be assorted according to the respective location. Thus, below are the statistical percentages of dentists based on the division areas that have been provided by the Malaysian Dental Council :

                                                               *Figures: Malaysian Dentist Council, 2018

Market Segmentation & Sales Distribution System

Presently, our sales team has 98% market coverage and 70% market penetration in Malaysia. As Malaysia being a small country, our market segmentation is developed geographically. All sales are done by meeting customers directly in all areas, which covered by the respective product and marketing executives. There is no middleman involved and all sales and products promotion leaflets are sent directly to customers. Fortunately, now the AR Dental Supplies Sdn. Bhd. is glad to announce its new online store. The online store is able to attract new customers and doctors to buy supplies from AR Dental. Furthermore, the online store can ease the burden of the management thus more improvement can be made in the delivery services. AR Dental Online Store is able to provide a new platform for customers to order items in more prompt manner. AR Dental online store will be able to generate more revenue to the company as well as further increase the market share among other dental supplies companies existed in Malaysia. 
Technical support personnel are committed to give efficient and prompt services to all customers where they are attuned to response speedily for any repair-in and servicing needed. They also ensure that the installation and commissioning of dental unit’s process runs smoothly which undergo the following procedures.
1) Before-Installation Activities
At first, a survey on the floor plan is to be conducted at the site and to use a template to confirm on the position of the dental unit and for plumbing work. A test-run method is to be applied on the piping system to measure the efficiency of the system.
2) Installation & Commissioning
During the process of the installation and commissioning; guidelines, manual servicing and instructions on how to operate the dental unit will be given such as on/off switch, control button system, wiring system etc.
3) After-Sale Services / Maintenance Service
Maintenance services for dental unit are to be done every 6 months by the technical support personnel’s.


Universities And Education Institutions

AR Dental Supplies Sdn. Bhd. has established contacts and academic relations with Malaysia’s education institutions in the business activities for the past few years. This relationship is able to prosper throughout the years due to good services provided by the company. Most of the universities that does business activities with AR Dental Supplies Sdn. Bhd are satisfied with the services and product’s quality thus the universities are loyal customers of the company. Some of the main universities in Malaysia are University Malaya, University Kebangsaan Malaysia, University Institute Technology Mara and University Sains Malaysia.

We have been actively involved in supplying dental materials and equipments for dental clinics and laboratories of the dental faculties in the universities. Our sales and technical representatives are attuned to respond speedily to the dental officer’s enquiries and to offer professional advice on all matters related to distributing, giving educational information such as disinfectants controls and on maintaining heavy equipments and hand instruments. There are educational activities being organized for them such as seminars and practical trainings conducted for the dental officers, nurses and dental technicians, which were jointly organized by the company and overseas principles. Overseas lecturers and professional personnel who have become authoritative experts in their respective specialties are invited specially to conduct the seminars and trainings.