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Amann Blank Holder Rotation Milling

Manufactured in Austria

Blank holder rotational milling Ceramill Motion 2 

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Open for Everything - the Holder Variety of the Ceramill System

Modular, flexible, diverse – the Plug & Play interchangeable blank holder system allows full exploitation of the material and indication potential of every Ceramill unit. This gives you the opportunity of adding new materials flexibly and cost-effectively to your milling unit or to adapt to changed needs. Effortless attachment of the blank holders to the connecting bolts in the interior of the machine makes handling easy and uncomplicated. Due to the tool fixtures connected to the blank holders, the milling cutters and grinders corresponding to the respective materials can remain in their position permanently.

Your benefits

- Maximum indication range and material spectrum due to interchangeable holders

- Minimum time requirements when changing the holders due to flexible Plug&Play holder concept

- Future-safe – new materials and indications can be adapted through new holders
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