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Amann Smartbox X2

Technical Data:

- Dimensions: 335 x 240 x 590 mm

- Weight: 16,5 kg

- Electrical connected value: 100/115/230 V, 50/60 Hz

- Power Output: 95 W

- Capacity Powder: appr. 8 kg

- Time to alot 20ml: 100g appr. 30s

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Plaster can be sifted more efficiently

Weighing and mixing plaster and water by hand is too imprecise and time-consuming by the high standards of the dental laboratory.

Aside from ensuring a consistent high degree of dosage precision, the Smartbox is easy to operate and pays for itself within a few months. Using the new dosage technology, the plaster is sprinkled very finely into the mixing beaker, which noticeably increases the homogeneity of the mixture.


- Time, material and plaster savings of 20 to 25%

- Finely sprinkled plaster using the new patented plaster dosage technology

- Multifunctional turn/ push button for simple and quick programming and programme selection

- Easy operation – error-free working for everyone

- Reproducible mixing ratio at the push of a button, accurate to within a gram

- Integrated scales automatically measure the dosage or for manual weighing

- Enables clean and dust free operation

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