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Bredent Bre.Flex 2nd Edition Pink 2

Made in Germany

Breflex Second Edition is a thermoplastic material based on polyamide, a denture base material that can be used to make unbreakable, flexible partial dentures. The material is 100% free from monomers. The colored pigments used in the Breflex second edition material do not contain cadmium and metal oxide and meet the biological test standard for dental materials DIN EN ISO 10993.

Breflex second edition is characterized by high mechanical stability, impact resistance and abrasion resistance, durability, and also provides good ventilation of fabrics. Breflex Second Edition has excellent flow characteristics. When melting, such fluidity allows the production of thin and high-precision denture forms with a thickness of up to 0.5 mm.

A significant difference between Breflex second edition and previous generation material is that it lends itself to easier polishing, as well as the fact that the finished prosthesis has a more aesthetic appearance.

500 g

Colour : Pink

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