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Chang Ming Hi-Clean Spray for Handpiece

Type: Disinfect Equipment
Material: Metal
Applicable Departments: Oral Surgery
Nature: Specialized Instrument Equipment
Certification: UL, CE
Medical Device Regulatory Type: Type 2

EXP DATE : 19/5/2026

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Lubricating Oil for Dental Handpiece NSK Spray 


1. This product is non-toxic product, slightly faint scent taste.
2. Having two functions of lubricating and cleaning. Easy to operate
3. Having good effect when lubricate handpiece and easily lubricate handpiece inner parts
4. Having reasonable stickiness. And make sure that handpiece is lubricated properly have great power.
5.  Standard conical nozzle, which is ore convenient to lubricate the handpiece. 

Twice to 3 times a day and before each sterilization. Press spray value for approx 1 seconds as shown.

Can is pressurized and filed up with safety fuel gas. Don't heat up above 50C(122F), don't open by force, don't spray into flames. Protect from sunlight. Only dispose of can, when completely empty.

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