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COXO Aerosol Suction Machine Single

Voltage / Frequency : 220V, 50/60Hz

Output Power : 500W

Hose Length : 1.75m

Suction : 6000Pa

UV Intensity : 250-270nm

Filter Level : H13

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Super strong suction Rapid solution of aerosol particles, bacterial droplets, blood, virus, provides a safe and healthy environment for doctors and patients

1-3 Levels of operation to meet:

Orthodontics, Oral mucosal disease, Oral and Ma Cillo facial Surgery, etc.

3-5 Levels of operation to meet:

1) Periodontal ultrasound cleaning, Dental implant surgery, Crown and bridge tooth preparation, etc.

2) Use an ultrasonic scaler, Ultrasonic bone knife machine, High-speed air turbine handpiece during treatment.

500W high-power strong negative pressure suction

60mm large diameter suction pipe

Suction capacity up to 4.5m³/min

Spray and aerosol suction rate over 99%

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