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Dreve Vacfomat U

Robust vacuum thermoforming unit with user-friendly handling for universal use in the field of dental thermoforming technique.

- Dimensions H = 155, W = 365, D = 180 mm

- Power of vacuum - 0,75 bar

- Weight 6.1 kg

- Usable blanks Ø 120 mm

- Power consumption 250 W

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- Suitable for all blanks with a thickness of 0.1 to 4 mm
- Secure fixation of blanks by tension ring with bayonet lock
- Integrated vacuum pump, therefore only connection to mains supply required
- Constant visual-control of thermoforming and plastification process
- Steel granules: Lead-free granules for the embedding of model parts that are not needed for thermoforming. (item-no. D-4283)
- Refined steel granules: The new filling granules with round edges minimise the formation of holes, especially in case of thin thermoforming foils and therefore lead to an optimal fitting. Furthermore the granules can be easily removed from the blanks after the thermoforming process. (item-no. D-4284)
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