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Durr Dental MD 520 Impression Disinfection

Active ingredients: Quaternary ammonium compounds, glutaraldehyde.

Available as: 2.5 litre only.

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MD 520 from Dürr System-Hygiene is a highly effective, formaldehyde-free ready-to-use solution for simultaneous disinfection and cleaning in the Dürr Dental Hygojet of dental impressions, impression moulds and denture work contaminated with blood and saliva. MD 520 is likewise suitable for immersion disinfection and cleaning in the Dürr disinfection box/disinfection bowl.

  • Fully virucidal, ready-to-use solution for effective and gentle disinfection and cleaning of impressions, prosthetic work, etc.
  • Bactericidal, tuberculocidal, yeasticidal, virucidal (enveloped viruses incl. HBV, HCV and HIV, as well as non-enveloped viruses such as adenoviruses, SV 40 polyomaviruses, polioviruses and noroviruses in accordance with DVV/RKI guideline and EN 14476/EN 17111).
  • For use with alginates, silicones, polyether rubber, hydrocolloids, polysulphides etc. Increased accuracy in the plaster master model, thanks to effective cleaning effect.
  • No adverse effects on dimensional stability or plaster compatibility.

Dental impressions of alginates, silicone, polyether rubber, polysulphide and hydrocolloids can be reliably disinfected and cleaned with MD 520 without impairment of dimensional stability and compatibility to plaster. The incidental removal of blood, saliva, etc. leads, in addition, to increased precision of the plaster cast.

Furthermore, MD 520 can also be used for the disinfection of dentures, bridges, crowns, as well as corrosion-resistant articulators, etc.

▪ Disinfection and cleaning of dental impressions, impression moulds, prosthetic work, corrosionresistant articulators, etc. in the Dürr Dental Hygojet or during immersion disinfection in the Hygobox/Disinfection bowl from Dürr Dental

▪ Increased precision of the plaster cast thanks to excellent cleaning results.

▪ To be used for alginates, silicones, polyether rubber, hydrocolloids, polysulphides, prosthetic work, etc.

▪ No impairment of dimensional stability or plaster compatibility.

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