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Durr Dental MD 550 Spittoon

Product composition

MD 550 is based on a combination of alcohols. 100 g MD 550 contains 40 g ethanol, < 1 g surfactants, < 5 g organic acids, excipients, water, benzyl salicylate

Active agents: Alcohols

Available as: 750 ml

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MD 550 Spittoon bowl cleaner

Foam-free, ready-to-use solution for intensive, residue-free cleaning of spittoons

  • Problem-free removal of residues, such as lime scale, blood or plaque colouring agents
  • Simultaneous cleaning, deodorisation and care of spittoons
  • No abrasive components – the spittoon suffers no scratching
  • Anti-microbial – effective against bacteria, Tb bacteria and yeast fungus

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