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J.Morita Root Canal Filling Vitapex

Key Specifications:

- Premixed Paste - for immediate use with minimal material waste and clean-up

- Syringe tip delivery -for excellent access and control during placement

- Formulated with iodoform - for incresed radiopacity and antibacterial effect

- Treatment options - can also be used with gutta percha and root canal cements

- Economical - up to 50 fillings per syringe

Vitapex is a premixed calcium hydroxide paste containing iodoform used as a temporary or permanent root canal filling material after pulpectomy or RCT. This paste is packaged in a convenient syringe to eliminate messy mixing.

EXP DATE : 30/9/2025


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Root Canal Filling Vitapex

- Extremely High Measurement Accuracy

The position of the apex is precisely detected by measuring the impedance of two frequencies inside the canal.

- Automatic and Accurate Measurement for Both Wet and  Dry Canals

By calculating the ratio of impedance at two different frequencies, measurements are accurate regardless of the

conditions inside the canal.

- Easy to Read Display

The large, high-contrast, color LCD provides the best monitoring of the file tip location.

- Fully Synchronized Meter Reading to The File Movement

Fully synchronized meter reading to the tactile feedback of the file provides the exact location of the file tip for optimum operation.   A beeper also alerts the user of the file tip location as it approaches the apex.

- Adjustable Working Length Line 

Set the line that estimates the working length wherever you wish.

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