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J.Morita TwinPower Turbine® High Torque

High Torque 4HX-O Turbine 


- Head Diameter: 12mm

- Head Height: 13.2mm

- Power: 25 Watt

- Rotation Speed: 350,000 rpm ± 30,000 rpm (at 0.2 MPa/29 psi)

- Air/Water Ports: 3

- Light Intensity: 25,000 LUX

- Weight: 48-57g

- Air Pressure: 0.2 – 0.29 MPa/29 - 42 psi

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At times, standard turbines are unable to meet high demand preparations with performance dropping off under heavy loads. The TwinPower Turbine High Torque model is the solution. The most powerful of the product line, it delivers the highest level of cutting efficiency. With a head diameter of 12 mm and a height of just 13.2 mm, visibility is excellent and users have noted the head size is relatively small especially compared to other high torque models on the market. Worldwide, the high torque model is a best-seller due to its solid performance and reliability. For large preparations, or simply more power, this model is an exceptional choice.

The most powerful model yet

Built on TwinPower Turbine technology, Morita’s NEW high torque handpiece is equipped with the power to tackle nearly any clinical situation. Its double-impeller rotor, exclusive to the product line, fuels its constant torque and speed and reduces preparation time. This model also offers compatibility with popular coupling systems such as NSK coupling, KaVo coupling and Sirona coupling.

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