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Monitex Ti Lite GT-1500 Cordless LED Curing Light

The Ti-Lite GT-1500 cordless curing light is rechargeable, lightweight and features built-in microprocessor, cooling fan, and higher light intensity up to 1,500 mW/cm². Good performance comes from the three modes: full power, tooth bleaching and pulse, provides fast light curing for polymerization of dental composites and light-curing resin restorations. 

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Ti Lite GT-1500 Cordless LED Curing Light

_ 3 Modes︰Full Power / Bleaching / Pulse

_ Optimum polymerization time

_ Built-in Radiometer

_ Fast Cure 3 mm increments most of composites

_ Includes bleaching mode

_ Auto shut off after 90 seconds idle time

_ A full charge can be used for over 500 times (8 second per cycle)

_ LCD screen indicator

_ Time set︰1 to 90 seconds

_ Rechargeable battery


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