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NSK Clinical Micromotors Ti-Max X205L

Made in Japan

- 360° Swivel with LED illumination

- 32,000 LUX

-Titanium body with scratch-resistant DURACOAT

- Non-retraction Valve

- Max Speed: 23,000min-1 ±10%

• 360° Swivel with LED illumination • 32,000 LUX • Titanium body with scratch-resistant DURACOAT • Non-Retraction Valve • Max. 25,000 min-1

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The TI-MAX X205L is approximately 20 percent shorter and lighter than previous models, giving it far better weight balance and making it as easy to handle as an air turbine. It’s titanium body enables it to stand up to scratches, wear and tear, repeated autoclaving and repeated disinfection procedures.

Smooth and Quiet

The Ti-Max X205L delivers powerful, smooth and quiet rotation, with loads of torque at all variable speeds. Connect to all brands of E-type optic and non-optic contra-angle handpieces.

Made in Japan

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