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NSK Surgical Ti-Max Z-SG45L

Made in Japan

Specifications :

Gear Ratio 1:3 Increasing
For FG burs (Ø1.6)
Water Spray Triple Spray / External cooling
Body Material Titanium
Body Coating DURAGRIP
Max Speed 120,000 min-1

Features :

- DLC Coating

- Anti Heat System

- Cellular Glass Optics

- Ceramic Bearings

- Clean Head System

- Push Button Chuck

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NSK Surgical Ti-Max Z-SG45L 

Superior Accessibility

When treating molars Ti-Max Z-SG45 doesn't interfere with anterior teeth giving better visibility of and access to the treatment area.

More Stability

Holding the handpiece in a pen grip when operating in the anterior region makes it very convenient to use adjacent teeth as finger rests and using burs of up to 25mm makes this instrument ideal for splitting roots.


Special surface processed body pursuing usability and operability is designed to improve comfortability of holding while equal scratch resistancy as DURACOAT is maintained.

Triple Water Jets

NSK's triple water jets efficiently cool the entire bur and because it is a solid water jet instead of water and air spray there is no risk of emphysema and safe surgical procedures can be guaranteed.

Excellent Stability

Ceramic Bearings are 25% harder than conventional steel bearings but are only half the weight. Because frictional wear between the ball bearings and the bearing retainer is significantly reduced the efficiency and durability is significantly increased.

Anti Heat System

NSK's unique head cap design helps to limit heat generation and to disperse heat generation during treatment. NSK is always putting patient's safety first.

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Model NSK
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