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NSK LED Coupling Sirona

Made in Japan


- Stainless Steel Body

- Titanium coating

- Non-Retraction Valve

- LED incorporated in coupling

* SCL-LED:  For Sirona® Quick Coupling with water volume adjuster

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Concentrated NSK LED couplings deliver clearer visibility with your existing turbines. LEDs generate natural daylight quality light which assures clearer vision when compared to halogen light. LED light sources are long lasting and durable.Safer as it generates less heat than halogen bulbs. Titanium coating.

LED Couplers for highspeed handpieces is the latest in illumination technology. LED’s generate natural daylight-quality light, which assures clearer vision when compared to traditional halogen light. The LED light sources are longer-lasting and more durable than halogen bulbs, saving money in replacement costs. Couplings with built in water volume adjuster for NSK highspeed handpieces. Features a non-retraction valve to prevent infiltration of oral contaminants into the water lines of both the handpiece and handpiece tubing.    

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