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J.Morita TwinPower Turbine® Standard


- Head Diameter: 10.5mm

- Head Height: 13.2mm

- Power: 22 Watt

- Rotation Speed: 370,000 rpm ± 30,000 rpm (at 0.2 MPa/29 psi)

- Air/Water Ports: 3

- Light Intensity 25,000LUX

- Weight: 48-57g

- Air Pressure: 0.2 – 0.29 MPa/29 - 42 psi

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The TwinPower Turbine high speed handpiece is a masterful symbiosis of design and function. It combines state-of-the-art engineering with highly practical and user-friendly handling including the world’s only `Zero Suck Back´ system. The TwinPower Turbine is well equipped to provide you first-rate instrumentation for performing all clinical procedures.

The original, high-powered model

The Standard model is an excellent handpiece for everyday use. It provides a balance of power, access, and ergonomics. With high torque and up to 22 watts of power, the standard head ensures a constant, steady removal rate for precise and efficient preparations. At the same time, an ergonomic design helps ensure pleasant working conditions. The standard model weighs as little as 48 grams. Its compact head offers enhanced maneuverability and access, while glass rod optics provide focused and stable illumination. Clinically evaluated by several institutions, the Standard model has earned high marks for its fit to hand ergonomics, balance, visibility, power output, and braking ability.

The Twinpower Turbine Standard has 15° head angle allows for easy maneuverability within the oral cavity. 

Quiet Operation

Advanced fluid dynamics enables extremely quiet, high speed instrumentation. 

Push-button Chuck

Simple to operate, this high-precision function ensures safe attachment to the preparation instrument.

Easy Cartridge Replacement

Capsule-type cartridge rotor allows for simple exchange when required.

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