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J.Morita TwinPower Turbine® UltraM


- Head Diameter: 9.0mm, Head Height: 10.6mm, Power: 18 Watts

- Rotation Speed: 370,000 rpm ± 30,000 rpm (at 0.2 MPa/29 psi)

- Air/water spray nozzles: 1 water, 5 air

- Light Intensity: 25,000LUX

- Weight: 48-57g

- Air Pressure: 0.2 – 0.29 MPa/29 - 42 psi


- Double-impeller technology, unique to product line

- Zero suck back into air line for excellent contamination control

- Safe, rapid braking within 2 seconds

- LED coupler offers brilliant, natural light

- Ceramic bearings

- Quiet operation

- Directly compatible with the following coupling systems: TwinPower Morita, KaVo, Sirona, W&H® Roto Quick, and NSK Coupling. 

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The TwinPower Turbine Ultra Series offers excellent cutting ability with smooth, chatter-free revolutions. A compact head design allows for exceptional posterior access and offers improved views with a mirror or microscope. Although they are ‘mini’ handpieces, clinician reviews have noted this series is powerful enough for everyday tooth preparation. 

Head Type 

The UltraM head is approximately 30% smaller than a TwinPower Turbine standard head. This gives the dentist a much better view of the treatment area. The UltraM head accepts a standard bur up to 20 mm in length. The usable portion of the bur (the part extending out of the head) is the same as that of a standard head. 

UltraM UltraM delivers 18 watts, twice the power of some other popular mini handpieces, and offers an extremely compact head height for exceptional posterior access. Accepts burs up to 20 mm.

With UltraM, the bur can be held upright for use on molars (including wisdom teeth) or for patients who have limited opening. The bur must be slanted with a standard head to gain access which leads to excessive drilling of the tooth structure. The mirror is placed to the side of the handpiece head and gets wet resulting in poor visibility.

Benefits :-

1. Twice as powerful as other popular mini handpieces 

2. Compact design offers exceptional posterior access

3. Improved views with a mirror or microscope 

4. More comfortable for patients 

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