Manfredi Induction Casting Millennium

Made in Italy

Maximum power (W)


Height (cm)

89,5 + 5,5 optical reader

Width (cm)


Depth (cm)

56 + 5 for the connection water, air, power

Net weight (Kg)


Sound pressure level dB(A)


Melting time 30gr CrCo at the maximum power (sec)

< 60 sec.

Air Pressure

6×105 Pa (6 Bar)

Power Supply (V/Hz)


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Manfredi Induction Casting Millennium

Induction Casting Millennium

Millennium is the synthesis of 60 years experience in the induction microcasting sector. Expressly designed for precious and non-precious alloys casting in atmosphere, Millennium enables very reduced casting times (30 gr Cr-Co in 60 secs.only !!) and heavy duty working loads thanks to the solid-state generator type EBST (Electronic Board Selected Tolerance – available only in the “HD” versions) granting up to 40 continuous castings. The alloy temperature is constantly controlled by an optical system which performs a rapid and exact reading and allows the setting of an automatic casting cycle. Available also in the “S” version, without temperature control, for the operators who prefer to cast “by eye”. The spin and motor rotation speed adjustment is performed by a microprocessor thus providing a correct molten metal injection. The centrifugal arm, perfectly balanced, is extremely silent and without vibrations. Thanks to the adjustable cylinder holder it is possible to use any type of metal or free expansion casting ring. The low electrical input (2,8 KW only) and the high performance allow the operator to work with maximum safety and energy saving.


✓ Max Temp. 2000°C
✓ Self-diagnosis of circuits and safety devices

✓ Casting power controlled by a microprocessor

✓ Pneumatic movement of the casting coil

✓ Built-in cooling system

✓ Suitable for model casting technique, fixed and combined prostheses.

✓ No vibrations

✓ Silent operation

✓ Optical temperature control

✓ Automatic casting cycle

✓ EBST (Electronic Board Selected Tolerance)
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