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Euronda Eurosonic 4D

Manufactured in Italy

Weight : 5 kg (with basket and cover)

Dimensions: 335 x 260 x 205 mm (WxHxD)

Capacity: 3.8 L

Preset cycles:-

i) Instruments: 20 min at 40°C

ii) Burs: 10 min at 40°C

iii) Impression tray holder: 40 min at 60°C

iv) Cement remover: 10 min at 30°C

v) Plaster remover: 30 min at 60°C

vi) Prostheses: 40 min at 60°C

- Come with various accessories (optional)

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Eurosonic® 4D is the most advanced digital ultrasonic tank in the Euronda Pro System range. It has an LED backlit controller and it is intuitive and user-friendly thanks to the light signals associated with different cycles, times and temperatures.

There are two operational modes, allowing users to choose one of the 6 preset cycles (instruments, burs, impression trays, cement removal, plaster removal, and prostheses) or run a free cycle at a temperature between 30°C and 60°C, with a duration between 10 and 40 minutes.

There are 4 different operating stages in the 6 preset cycles: Degas, Boost, Normal and Sweep. Eurosonic® 4D has a drain on the back and it comes with a tap and pipe, as well as side handles for easier movement.  


LED backlit controller and “luminous progress bar” for simple, intuitive use.


Users can choose between 6 preset cycles with set times and temperatures, and free cycles with temperatures between 30°C and 60°C.


Side handles facilitate movements; a tap on the back easies emptying.


Steel body and anti-deformation cover, with non-drip system.

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