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NSK Flash Pearl

NSK FLASH Pearl Cleaning Powder

- Sparkling Results Every Time.

- Comes with Stylish packaged in a handy original box.

- Contains 100 x 15 g per sachets.

*Adverse reactions to this product are rare

EXP DATE : 30/12/2026

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FLASH Pearl granules are small and spherically shaped compared to particles of sodium bicarbonate powder. This means more contact and better access to clean all target areas effectively. A wider working angle also provides greater treatment safety.

FLASH pearl roll smoothly over tooth surfaces

The spherical shape of FLASH pearl gives a smooth finish to tooth surfaces compared to the effects of the sharper-edged particles of sodium bicarbonate. FLASH pearl leave teeth sparkling without damaging dental enamel.

Advantages :

- Powerful cleaning

- Quick results

- Soft & Gentle

- Sodium-free natural taste

- Biodegradable and non-clogging

- Available for all other manufacturers' air polishing systems

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