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NSK Micro Surgery Handpiece SGS-E2S

Made in Japan

SGS-E2S (Non Optic)

Straight Handpiece 

1:3 Increasing

- For surgical burs (ø2.35)

- Twist chuck

- Max. Speed : 80,000 min-1

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NSK Micro Surgery Handpiece SGS-E2S

NSK SGS-ES handpiece is designed specifically for use in micro-surgery and ENT surgery, these straight micro surgery handpieces are built to operate with the utmost precision of rotational axis and minimal vibration in high speed range. NSK Micro-Surgery handpieces help making more precise and safer operations. All NSK handpieces are repeatedly autoclavable up to 135° and washable with thermodisinfector. 

The design of the handpieces ensures that low vibration or spindle deviation from concentric operation occurs, even during high speed rotation. 70mm Handpiece Extra-Long burs are recommended for oral surgery. The SGS-E2S is a 1:2 speed increasing, straight E-Type attachment with twist chuck.

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