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NSK Surgical Surgic AP

Made in Japan


- Control Unit 

- Non-Optic Micromotor (SG50MS) 

- SG20 Handpiece (20:1 Reduction) 

- FC-55 Foot Control (IPX8 certified) 

- Handpiece Stand 

- Irrigation Tube (5 pcs.) and Other Accessories


1. Micromotor (SG50MS) 

- Motor Speed : 200~40,000 min-1 

- Non-optic

- Brushless

2. Foot Control (FC-55) 

- Speed Control : Variable 

- IPX8 certified

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NSK Surgical Surgic AP

Control Unit

Max. Output/Max. Torque

210 W / 50 Ncm

Power Supply

AC 230 V 50/60 Hz

Max. Pump Output 

75 mL/min


8 Programs


W 275 x D 207 x H 101 (mm)

Surgic AP Non-Optic Complete Sets With S-Max SG20 Handpiece

Provides Solid Performance for Surgical and Implant Procedures Designed specifically for oral and implant surgery, Surgic AP delivers all the power and performance you ever need for these procedures. 210 Watt power and 50 Ncm torque, together with a wide speed range of 200-40,000 min-1 offers the flexibility and fast response required for a variety of surgical procedures. The compact console is user-friendly, simple to operate and has been specifically designed for the aseptic theatre environment.

8 Individual Program Option

NSK Surgic AP can memorise 8 complete program options. Each program includes speed, torque, coolant flow, and rotation direction. Program settings continue to be stored even when supply power is turned off. Each program setting can be easily modified during operation. To save a program parameter you simply press and hold the Memory button.

Large User Friendly LCD

The Large LCD display offers immediate recognition of the selected operational program data.

Powerful External Pumps

Surgic AP guarantees you optimum irrigation capacity and simple mounting with an external powerful water pump. The Surgic AP pump is easily detachable and can be repeatedly autoclaved.

User Friendly Foot Control

The Surgic AP foot control (FC-55) is simple to operate and conforms to IPX8 - the standard for medical foot control devices and certification for operating theatre use. (forward direction only)

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