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NSK Surgical SGMS-ER20i

Made in Japan

SGMS-ER20i - 20:1 Reduction


Max. Speed 2,000 min-1
Water Spray External and internal cooling (Kirschner and Meyer)
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NSK Surgical SGMS-ER20i 

Implant Handpiece ISO E-Type 

The Surgical handpiece range meets the exacting requirements for modern oral surgery – accuracy, safety and ease of use. In addition to the existing qualities such as longevity, reliable performance and high load capacity, NSK Implant Handpieces made significant advances following consultation with implantologists. 

2 types of Depth Indicator (8mm and 12mm) Place the depth indicator at the desirable drilling depth prior to use. The need to try to focus on the drill making is no longer necessary and clinicians can fully focus on the axial dimension.

Features :

- Dual Irrigation System

- Ultra Miniature Head (SGM Series)

- Depth indicator (SGMS-ER20i)

- Wide Range of Gear Ratio (SGM Series)

- Ergonomic Comfort Grip

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