Dental Art Kiper Light & Charge

Kiper Light & Charge

Made in Italy

_ Storage + lock

_ Charger

_ Light

_ Customizable color (Add in Quote)

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Dental Art Kiper Light & Charge
MYR 1,750.00
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store, charge, illuminate


In the Kid’s room or in the Hall, for your patients or for the spa.

The possibility of using Kiper are limitless: choose the best place to keep your objects, at home or outside.


Kiper container space is safe because is protected with key-locks.

It is perfect to group all the precious objects we have in our pockets and charge our phone, thanks to the 2 USB ports



Kiper is also an ambient light and a piece of furniture.

The power cord and the spacers included give you the freedom of reaching the power plug in the most creative way.


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