Euronda Autoclave E9 Med

Model Number

Autoclave E9 Med


Medical Device Class IIb Class B Autoclave fully conforms to EN13060 standard requirements. Stainless steel moulded chamber certified to PED 97/23/EC.

Chamber capacity

18 L – 250 x 340 mm
24 L – 250 x 440 mm


40.5 Kg (18L)
43 Kg (24L)
(machine empty with basket and trays)

External dimensions

450 x 445 x 610 mm

Power consumption

2300 W 10 A

Water consumption

600 ml

Manufactured in Italy

In stock


Simple, effective and compact, E9 Med is an autoclave that makes Class B sterilization accessible to everyone. Hidden behind its simple, user-friendly interface is an array of first-rate equipment, including a double head vacuum pump and a sophisticated microprocessor that constantly monitors the key parameters for effective sterilization. In addition, outstanding steam production is guaranteed with the steam generator. E9 Med can run 5 different type B cycles. It automatically traces all of the data from every cycle, which can then be printed with the built-in thermal paper printer and easily attached to pouches. Like every Euronda autoclave, it can be inspected and cleaned by the operator and it is easy to maintain thanks to its modular structure.

Everything you need is close at hand

autoclave euronda e9 med

E9 Med has all the characteristics to make your job convenient and efficient in every aspect. Like every Euronda autoclave, the E9 Med can also be inspected and cleaned directly by the user, without requiring the assistance of a specialist. The internal thermal paper printer records all the data from every sterilisation cycle (result, date and user) and the optional E-Memory device can store up to 48,000 tests and cycles, which are easily traceable and transferable to a computer. E9 Med is an autoclave intended to be reliable and long-lasting, thanks also to the built-in air-water separator that reduces the strain on the vacuum pump, thereby extending the machine’s working life.

Modular Structure

e9 med

The water tanks can be completely opened and inspected; the lateral panels, made of light materials, are equipped by an easy an separate latch; the rear panel is independent and the base with a separate opening for the inspectionability of the steam generator guarantees an easy and quick access for the maintenance operations. The condensation system mounted on the rear of the E9 Med and cooled by a fan keeps the condensation exiting the chamber in its interior by cooling it, and obtains the thermodynamic vacuum.

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