Euronda Eurosteril Self Adhesive Sterilization Pouches

Eurosteril sterilisation bags with self-sealing flap.

- Manufactured in Italy


- 9 x 25 cm  (Box of 200 pieces,
Carton of 9 boxes)

- 14 x 26 cm  (Box of 200 pieces,
Carton of 6 boxes)

- 19 x 33 cm  (Box of 200 pieces,
Carton of 5 boxes)

- 200 items per package

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Eurosteril® Self adhesive sterilization pouches

Self adhesive sterilization pouches made of heavy weight (60g/m2) white medical paper coupled with a light blue polyester/polypropylene layer. Three sided weldings with impermeable and uniform canals for the highest microbe protection. Adhesive band closure of synthetic rubber. The changing chemical colour indicators verify the sterilization process by steam or EtO gas (ethylene oxide). Appropriate peeling without the release of paper fibers or laceration of the film at the moment of opening the packaging. In full compliance with 93/42/EEC (and subsequent amendment 2007/47EC) and EN 868-5. 

Eurosteril sterilisation bags with self-sealing flap.

- 200 items per package

The Eurosteril sterilisation bags by Euronda consists of medical paper with heigh grammature and foil. They possess a self-sealing flap and do not need an additional sealing device. Products that have been sterilised within the Autoklav can be stored on a sustained basis, since the 3-fold edge sealing provides excellent tightness. Eurosteril bags can be sterilised per steam or gas and possess an integrated contrast indicator.


  1. medical paper

  2. hightened grammature and foil

  3. excellent tightness and long storage life

  4. self-sealing flap

  5. 3-fold edge sealing

  6. contrast indicator reacts to steam or gas

  7. suitable for Autoklav

  8. fulfills all necessary norms and regulations

Fields of application:

- prolonged storage of sterilised products

Eurosteril sterilisation bags are available in different sizes.

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