Schiller Fred PA-1 (CPR Set)


- CPR Support: Metronome for CPR rate of compression

- Manufacturer’s Warranty:5 + 5 years

- Electrode/Pads Life: 3 years (LED warning detection indication)

- Battery Life: 6 years (LED warning detection indication)

- Energy Protocol (J): Adult: 200 J

- Battery Type: Disposable LiMnO2

- Weight (kg): 2.5

*Training and Demo are provided

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MYR 9,800.00

The Schiller FRED PA-1 AEDis the latest AED model from Schiller and available as fully automatic device. This lifesaving device delivers shock without any action of the rescuer.

The FRED PA-1 Defibrillator is compact, user friendly, and simple to operate even for lay rescuers. This unit features a fast analysis system that systematically pre-charges the correct energy so that the shock can be delivered and interruption can be minimized.In addition to that, the FRED PA-1 will also starts up immediately once the lid is open and guides the rescuer step-by-step. The rescuer will also be assist by clear audio and visual prompts during the entire resuscitation process.

How It Works: The FRED PA-1 Defibrillator is a defibrillator designed to analyse heart rhythm and will determine when a defibrillation shock is necessary within seconds.The rescuers will be guided with clear audio and text prompts with only three simple steps:

- Switch the unit on
- Place the electrodes on the patient‘s chest as indicated on the pouch
- Follow the audio and visual instructions


- Highest User Friendliness
- 5 + 5 years warranty
- Durable with IP55 against dust and wate
- Fully-Automatic Mode Operation
- Compact and Portable
- 6 Year Battery Shelf Life

Dedicated to public access, SCHILLER’s latest defibrillator, the FRED PA-1, has been designed so that even untrained users can save lives. The FRED PA-1 guides the rescuer step-bystep during the entire resuscitation process.


More than 7 million people worldwide fall victim to a sudden cardiac arrest every year. A sudden cardiac arrest can hit anyone, anywhere and at any time.

Defibrillation consists in delivering electrical energy to the heart in order to restore a proper heart rhythm. A defibrillator in combination with well-performed chest compressions is the only therapy that can save a patient’s life.

The FRED PA-1 is a well-designed lifesaving equipment, which is highly visible and clearly recognizable in all environments.


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