Smile Line OptiShade Digital Shade Matching

Full set including:

• 1 OPTISHADE STYLEITALIANO unit complete with Capture Guide Cone and Calibration Cap
• 1 lightning cable for connection OPTISHADE STYLEITALIANO/iPhone-iPad
• 1 USB Charging Cable
• 4 Capture Guide Cones
• 4 Calibration Caps
• 1 Instruction for use booklet and 1 quick start guide
• OPTISHADE STYLEITALIANO App (free) to be downloaded on Appstore
• 30 days free licence of Matisse software

In stock
MYR 7,000.00



Digital shade matching: digital colour in the palm of your hands !


OPTISHADE STYLEITALIANO provides a new solution for shade matching that surpasses all the other digitalcolor measurement devices on the market with its accuracy and repeatability!
The measured shade is communicated in L*a*b*coordinates, universal values in the world of colorimetry, very intuitive and easily interpretable by the user.

These L*a*b* coordinates are either :

  • interpeted by the user
  • used as a comparison with the commercial shadeguides databases in the OPTISHADESTYLEITALIANO.
  • or exported to the Matisse software, which will calculate for you all the recipes and ceramic powders mixings necessary for the given case.

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