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Anthos A5 Single Cart

Made in Italy


1. Ergonomic and Highly Flexible

2. Smooth Handling

3. Extensive Freedom of Movement

4. Dentist's Module Height Adjustment

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Customization : Innate Flexibility

Ergonomics for all working styles, integrated instruments marked Anthos, a wide range of footswitches and operating lights, several hygiene systems, options, colors; versatility in every way.

Being able to configure Class A5 as he prefers, the practitioner can adapt it to his requirements by creating a functional and reliable tool, which fully meets his style of work.

Available on its own or combined with the patient chair, Classe A5 Cart is ideal for surgeries requiring a solution that is both ergonomic and highly flexible. The hallmarks of this version are the smooth handling, extensive freedom of movement and height adjustment of the dentist's module and the staggered instrument positioning.

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