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Anthos L9 Side Delivery Dental Unit


Made in Italy (Guaranteed with TWO YEARS WARRANTY)

Model Number

L9 Side Delivery 

Type Of Dental Chair


Operation Mode


Chair Material

Plastic, Fabric, Metal

Water Unit



Light Intensity 3,000 to 50,000 LUX

Light Type

Venus Plus L Led





Assistant Arm



3 axis rotation

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Manufacturer: Anthos – Cefla Dental

Made in Italy (Guaranteed with TWO YEARS WARRANTY)

- Chair equipped with backrest, seat and legrest and footrest with electro-mechanical motion.

- Legrest with independent motion.

- Seat up / down movement (min.height = 38cm, Max height = 78cm). Lifting capacity: up to 190 kg.

- Automatic Trendelenburg synchronized with the backrest motion and footrest.

- Program for 4 working position + 3 additional positions (rinsing & automatic return, return to zero-position & surgical table position.

- Comfort headrest, with double-jointed pneumatic lock/unlock system; height adjustable.

- Washable & seamless co-moulded SKAI upholstery.

- Left & right armrests with SKAI insert matched to the upholstery.

- Immediate access to hygiene systems. Side opening on the unit body allows for easy hygiene system access.


- FULL TOUCH interface. Touch screen 5.7” display in tempered glass.

- Setting personalized programs for chair & instruments for 4 different operators.

- Can setting for 4 different operator / user.- Easy setting of max speed / power & torque values supplied by instrument.

- 3 operating modes for micromotors (conservative / Endodontics / Surgery) & 7 setting options for each working mode.

- Quick selection of endodontics files from integrated database.

- 3 operating modes for the scaler – Scaler remover / Endodontics / Periodontics.

- Auto reverse, auto forward function & other parameters according to specific treatment.

- Can flip the instrument control panel on the continental model 90 degree to a horizontal display.

- Re-positionable control panel to be shifted from one side to others.

- X-Ray image can be viewed through USB panel

- 2 operating modes for surgical ultrasound handpiece (optional)

- display and saving of telecamera images

- ON / OFF operating lamp – timed water cup filler – timed water bowl flush – control for motorized rotating bowl.

- ON / OFF tank water supply system – S.H.S


- Cuspidor unit resting on the floor.

- Autoclavable & removable ceramic bowl with 270° rotation with motorized motions.

- Removable and disinfectable cup filler & glass holder units.

- Cup detections sensor.

- Cup filler warm water application.


- Speed range 100 – 40,000rpm

- Weight – 78 grams

- Delivered torque – up to 5.3 Ncm with LED light.

- ISO 3964 – compliant swivel-type quick coupling (320°)

- Auto-reverse and auto-forward



- Has intergrated LED – ring lighting.

- Operating frequency: 25 – 32kHz

- Handpiece dimension: Ø19 x 102 mm

- Power delivered : 12VA max

- With 4 insert tips


Venus Plus L Led Operating Light

- LED light source

- Colour temperature 5,000K

- Light intensity 3,000 to 50,000 Lux with potentiometer / via infrared sensor.

- Power absorption 10W

- Minimum working life 50,000 hours

- 3-axis rotation

- On-off control via infrared sensor

Come with accessories:

1 x 6 way Syringe with Fibre Optic (air, Water, Spray, Warm Air, Warm Water, Warm Spray) Dentist side

1 x 6 way Syringe (air, Water, Spray, Warm Air, Warm Water, Warm Spray) Assistant side

1 x NSK Ti-Max Z Series Titanium Turbine Handpiece – Miniature Head LED Fiber Optic

1 x NSK Ti-Max Z Series Titanium Turbine Handpiece – Standard Head LED Fiber Optic

2 x NSK Coupling LED PTL-CL-LED (Code: NSC-P1001606)

1 x i-MMs Brushless Micromotor with Fibre Optic (100- 40,000 rpm)

1 x NSK S-Max Push Button Contra Angle Handpiece with Fiber Optic (1:1)

1 x NSK S-Max Push Button Straight Handpiece (1:1)

1 x Anthos u-PZ7 Ultrasonic Scaler with 4 inserts tips with Fibre Optic

1 x Anthos Venus Plus L LED light with sensor (3,000 to 50,000Lux)

1 x Anthos Monitor Arm (complete with multimedia cable)

1 x Multimedia Application

1 x Multifunction Foot Controller

1 x Aspirator hose (High Vacuum)  

1 x Aspirator hose (Saliva ejector)

1 x Anthos Dental S7 Stool - Dentist Side

1 x CV3 Suction Motor (Midmark) (Code : MME-APOLLO CLASSIC VAC 3)


- New compact design , chair with articulated & motorized legrest to facilitate the accessibility of the patient

- New light weight arm and great flexibility to ergonomics

- Option for continental or side delivery unit

- 4X3 programmable working positions along with zero , spitting & last working position

- Aluminium

- Maximum dental unit weight: 90 Kg.alloy chair 

- Maximum dental chair load capacity: 190 Kg.

- Water connection: 1/2 Gas.

- Water supply pressure: 3-5 bar.

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