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Anthos S9 Dentist's Stool

Technical information

Manufactured in Italy

Warranty for 2 years

1. Base wheels outside diameter  (mm): 605 

2. Seat height from the floor (mm): 490

3. Seat vertical adjustment travel (mm): 165

4. Backrest horizontal adjustment travel (mm): 50

5. Backrest vertical adjustment travel (mm): 60

6. Seat dimensions (mm): 410x420

7. Backrest adjustment angle: +10° / -5°

8. Seat front adjustment angle: 0° / -20°

9. Gross weight (kg): 18

10. Net weight (kg): 16 

Anthos S9 Dentist's Stool
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S9 Dentist’s Stool.

- Sliding base on 5 braked wheels.

- Base with footrest ring (optional).

- Perfectly symmetrical dentist’s stool that can be used both to the right and left of the dental stool.

- Backrest horizontally adjustable to 5 positions according to build (total excursion 50mm)

- Backrest vertically adjustable to 5 positions (total excursion 60mm)

- Backrest 20° tiltable to ensure lumbar support

- Seat front 20° tiltable to avoid pressure on the thighs.

- Variety of color to chose from. 

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