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Euronda Coral Dental Stool

Manufactured in Italy

- Specification:

- Length : 60-46 cm

- Width : 39x9 cm

- Height : 50-68 cm

- Weight : 13 kg

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Coral Dental Stool

Operator’s stools with a recyclable, fireproof, scratchproof and impact-proof extruded polyamide frame fitted with five self-locking wheels. The seat is made from non-deforming polyurethane that reduces the load on the back and hips. Adjustable, rounded anatomical backrest. Wide range of colours for thermoformed and stitched versions.

Coral Stools are perfect for those who spend a long time sitting down thanks to a curved anatomical backrest, comfortable seat and sturdy structure. What’s more, they are extremely stylish and come in a vast range of colours, so you are simply spoiled for choice.

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