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Euronda E9 Next Autoclave Package

PWP: Contents for 1 set of Sterilization Roll as below - RM 1,577.00

i) Sterilization Roll Size 75mm : 5 rolls
ii) Sterilization Roll Size 100mm : 4 rolls
iii) Sterilization Roll Size 150mm : 2 rolls
iv) Sterilization Roll Size 200mm : 2 rolls

FOC: Euroseal (worth RM 2,700.00)

Package List:

1. Standard Pack: E9 Next 24L+Sterilization Rolls+Euroseal(FOC) - RM 20,377.00

2. Aquafilter Pack: E9 Next 24L+Sterilization Rolls+Euroseal(FOC)+Add on Aquafilter, enjoy 50% off - RM 21,477.00

3. Eurosonic Pack: E9 Next 24L+Sterilization Rolls+Euroseal(FOC)+Add on Eurosonic 4D, enjoy 15% off - RM 23,437.00

4. Full Package: E9 Next 24L+Sterilization Rolls+Euroseal(FOC)+Aquafilter+Eurosonic 4D - RM 24,537.00

*T&C: Purchase full package to get Euronda Kit Monoart®️ Infection Control*
(Full Package included E9 Next 24L, Sterilization Rolls Set, Euroseal, Aquafilter and Eurosonic 4D)

E9 Next Package
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E9 Next

E9 Next combines stunning design with a new traceability concept, which is expandable also thanks to the three Print Sets that can be added at any time: a built-in thermal paper printer, a built-in adhesive label printer and an external adhesive label printer. The SD card, Ethernet port and optional E-WiFi kit provide total connectivity and ensure that the sterilization data are always available on the printers and on computers, smartphones and tablets. The menu items can be selected intuitively thanks to the quick, effective E-Touch display. Among the items on the menu are the Personal functions, which allow N and S cycles to be run and can be used with the E-Timer to start the autoclave at a set time. Meanwhile, the Inspection® System helps to make the cleaning process quick and simple. In addition, the conductivity meter monitors the water quality and the Dirt Control System directs dirt out of the water system, thus ensuring that E9 Next is always safe. 

Excellence at your fingertips.

Born out of the experience of E9 Recorder, E9 Next stands alongside it, making the best technology more accessible. A simple and clean design and beauty that immediately catches your eye are only the first, more visible signs of quality, with many more yet to be unravelled. The materials that have been chosen and their matching make E9 Next a solid and trustworthy autoclave. However, its soul, the characteristic that makes it unique, is expandable traceability.

The pleasure of simple steps.

With E9 Next, technology has become even more simple and accessible. You will experience the pleasure of using an autoclave that has a swift and logical functionality, with all the necessary functions to carry out your job as best as you can. Also, the clear and simple E-Touch display icons will be a secure and comprehensible guide to every step you take.


With its outstanding state-of-the-art technology, E9 Next sterilizes all instruments flawlessly, guaranteeing total safety for both you and your patients. In accordance with the EN 13060 standard, it has automatic settings for all types of Class B cycles. In addition, its innovative Personal Functions, which can be unblocked by entering a password are useful to run Light (N) cycles and Light & Stock (S) cycles. Moreover, E9 Next guarantees optimal water and electricity consumption and the innovative, even more ergonomic basket allows you to make the most of each cycle by using up to five trays and four containers.

For convenient and complete cleaning.

Ever since Euronda invented the first inspectionable water tank, it has continued to evolve the concept of inspectionability. E9 Next is proof of this: the system for opening and accessing the tank is extremely simple and quick. It allows for easy and frequent cleaning even by non-experts and guarantees reliable sterilisation, which remains effective even as time passes.

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