Ivoclar Ivostar Resin Teeth

Made in Liechtenstein

Ivostar anterior teeth are composed of three layers.

These anterior teeth are matched to the posterior Gnathostar teeth.

Advantages :

- Available in A-D and Chromascop shades

- Harmonized layering

Delivery forms

- 15 upper tooth moulds

- 6 lower tooth moulds

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MYR 22.00
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Made in Liechtenstein

The Ivostar/Gnathostar tooth line combines valuable properties to a quality product that meets high requirements.

Each stage of life presents a wealth of opportunities. 

High-quality dentures will not keep people from seizing them and thus from enjoying life to the fullest.

True-to-nature moulds

Ivoclar and Gnathostar teeth come in a wide range of moulds that reflects the tooth shapes found in nature.

- Wide range of moulds

- True-to-nature tooth dimensions

- Authentic layering

Expressive aesthetics

- Wide range of shades

- Hamonious cervical transitions

- Lifelike texture and incisal effects

Manifold indications

- Partial dentures

- Combination dentures

- Hybrid dentures

- Complete dentures

Biocompatible material

Ivostar/Gnathostar is based on the tried-and-tested PMMA material.

- Compatibility with oral tissues

- Resistance to wear

- Resistance to plaque

- Stability of shade

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