Yamahachi Naperce Posterior Artificial Teeth

Model: Naperce Posterior 

Made in Japan

(8 pcs / 1 set, 12 sets / 1 box)

Mould: same as FX POSTERIOR

Cusp angle: 30°

In stock
MYR 62.40
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Naperce Posterior

Yamahachi's acrylic resin teeth have high resistance to wear and tear, outstanding anti-discoloration properties and exceptional hardness for acrylic teeth. Additionally, they are realistic and aesthetically pleasing. Wide selection of molds to chose from and provide a better color stability. The Naperce have excellent abrasion and resistance to plague also they are non staining to the teeth.

Made in Japan

Features :

1. Exceptional Denture Stability and Balance
2. Efficient Mastication for the Elderly
3. Quick and Efficient Transitional Denture Production

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