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MyRay Phosphor Plate scanner Hy-Scan

Technical Data

- Resolution (theoretical): 17 lp/mm

- Image pixel size: 30μ

- Image grey levels: 16 bit (65,536 grey levels)

- Supported plate sizes: Size 0, 1, 2, 3

- Plate size selection: Automatic

- Read time: 4 – 8 s

- Plate Deletion: Automatic

- Dimensions: (H x L x P) 176 x 133 x 264 mm

- Weight: 4.5 kg

- Power supply: 110±240 V 50/60 Hz (24 Watts)

- Connectivity: Direct to PC (USB)

- Acquisition software (for PC): iCapture with TWAIN interface

- Image management software (for PC): iRYS (for PC) with DICOM 3.0 interface with free viewer and APP for iPAD


- Essential, compact design

- Ergonomics and positioning comfort

- High definition digital images

- User-friendly

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Outstanding digital imaging quality combined with the practicality and affordability of traditional film

The Hy-Scan phosphor plate scanner provides the perfect balance between technology and tradition. Hy-Scan combines the very best digital diagnostic technology with the advantages of traditional film plates. A compact, fast, simple device to use, which produces high resolution intraoral images for always-reliable diagnosis. The thin, ergonomic plates are easy to position, the entire surface is active and they offer maximum patient comfort. The TOUCH-FREE plate insertion and recognition system makes the scan even simpler. The scanner can import an image in just a few seconds, allowing it be displayed immediately on the PC or, thanks to a special APP, on an iPad.


User-friendliness and maximum workflow efficiency. Hy-Scan has a servo-assisted, fully automatic system that accepts and scans (TOUCHFREE) the impressed plates, recognises the size, imports the image to the PC and deletes all the data from the plate so it is immediately ready for the next image capture.


A high quality image can be imported in just a few seconds. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, Hy-Scan lets users view sharp images extremely quickly, leading to effective diagnosis and better communication with the patient.


Position the plate with ease and comfort and then capture high definition images. After inserting the plate, the scanner rapidly executes the scan. The images are then transferred to the PC, consulted and shared using iRYS software or another viewer; they can then be printed or sent via e-mail.


Featuring essential, compact design, the Hy-Scan scanner is perfect for any dental surgery. Extremely versatile, it can be installed both horizontally on the table or wall-mounted vertically using the special bracket.


Hy-Scan is the ideal instrument for all clinical applications: endodontics, prostheses and implant surgery, periodontics and caries diagnosis. It reliably provides the very best high definition images with a resolution of 34 pixel/mm. The scanner is compatible with four sizes for the acquisition of paediatric (Size 0), periapical (Size 1), bitewing (Size 2) and long bitewing (Size 3) images with a pixel size of 30µm.

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