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MyRay Hyperion X9 Pro 2D

Innovation, power and versatility.

Maximum flexibility for your diagnoses.

Hyperion X9 pro is fully configurable and its modular and scalable design makes it possible to transition from a basic to a more advanced version in an easy and cost-effective manner. An extraordinary platform that adapts to the needs of your dental practice thanks to the 2D PAN/CEPH sensor that can be easily relocated and to the reversible teleradiographic arm which can be installed on both sides. The most compact 3-in-1 hybrid system available on the market for high-quality 2D and 3D examinations.


- Easily upgradable to every configuration

- Reversible CEPH arm

- Relocatable 2D sensor or two dedicated sensors for PAN and CEPH

- The most compact 3-in-1 system

CEE-70A10000 2D
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Capture every detail

High-definition images, extremely sharp details, upgraded MultiPAN system for maximum results in every situation.

- Dedicated and easily relocatable CMOS sensor
- High orthogonality: reduces the overlapping of adjacent teeth and shows the structures to be examined in a clear and distinct manner

- Wide range of focal layers

- PiE (Panoramic Image Enhancer) filters

- Segmentation of the areas of interest

- QuickPAN feature to minimise scan times for fasterand more comfortable examinations


HD panoramic X-ray and QuickPAN. Full and reduced panoramic X-ray for children. Orthogonal projection for the whole dentition (reduces the overlapping of dental crowns). Segments of panoramic X-ray and dentition with optimised dedicated projections. Bitewing exposures in 4 segments limited to the crowns, so as to highlight interproximal cavities.


Latero-lateral projection of both TMJs. Postero-anterior projection of both TMJs. Latero-lateral projection from multiple angles (x3) of a single TMJ. Postero-anterior projection from multiple angles (x3) of a single TMJ.


Hyperion X9 pro provides clear and detailed panoramic images at all times. In one single scan, with the same exposure time and irradiated dose of a traditional panoramic x-ray, the unique MultiPAN feature generates 5 different focal layers to choose the one that best suits your diagnostic needs.


Hyperion X9 pro provides you with the most advanced imaging technology. It is indeed equipped with perfectly synchronised kinematics featuring one rotary movement and two simultaneous translatory movements that ensure constant magnification in all projections. The scans are always in focus thanks to the optimised focal trough which follows the patient’s morphology.

Optimise every perspective.

High performance, ultrafast scans and a complete selection of cephalometric projections. Choose the examination that best suits your diagnostic requirements.

Hyperion X9 pro modular platform allows to add the teleradiography module at any time and with extreme ease. Its cephalometric arm is a true engineering masterpiece. Besides being the most compact system on the market, it is also reversible: it can be mounted either on the left or on the right, and, if space requirements change, Hyperion X9 pro CEPH changes with you. The relocatable latest-generation PAN/CEPH sensor, combined with an upgraded generator, guarantees excellent performance in any application. Select the exam that best suits your diagnostic needs choosing between ultrafast or high-quality scan.

Discover a world of examinations.

Optimized 2D programmes for unparalleled panoramic and cephalometric images.

Hyperion X9 pro provides optimal 2D trajectories for unparalleled images. Besides standard panoramic x-ray, you can perform orthogonal dentition projections and bitewing exposures focused on dental crowns. It is possible to segment the dentition area and limit the scanning zone to the region of interest in order to keep low the irradiated dose. The examinations of the temporomandibular joints are available both in postero-anterior and latero-lateral projections, with acquisitions also from multiple angles. Broad and accurate investigations, including the maxillary sinuses, make it possible to study the upper airways and better plan sinus lift surgeries. The QuickPAN feature allows to minimise scan times for faster and more comfortable examinations.



PANORAMIC CEPHALOMETRY                          
Detector technology CMOS
Pixel size 100 μm
Dynamic range 14 bit (16,383 grey levels)
Signal to noise ratio Minimum 74dB – Typical 86dB
Detector height 148 mm 223 mm
Image pixel matrix max: 1470 x 2562 max: 2155 x 2935
Maximum image file size 8 MB (single image) 14 MB
Typical scan time 6 s – 12.3 s 3.3 s - 9 s
Theoretical image resolution PAN: 6.3 (pixel pitch of 80μm)
BITEWING: 7.5 lp/mm (pixel pitch of 70μm)
CEPH: 5.6 (pixel 90 μm)
Image format TIFF 16 bit, DICOM
Patient alignment Servo-assisted: 4 laser guides



LAN / Ethernet


MyRay iRYS and App iPad

Supported protocols


DICOM nodes

IHE- compliant (Print; Storage Commitment; WorkList MPPS; Query Retrieve)

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